Industrial cybersecurity is gaining increasing importance in an interconnected world, as industrial control systems have become an attractive target for all types of cybercriminals.

We are Ewala, and we provide services that establish different control systems to ensure that you have protection in critical environments.

When we talk about industrial control systems, we are referring to certain factors, from different industrial processes to infrastructure management. These factors are essential for the continuous and efficient operation of sectors such as energy, water distribution, or factories.

As you can see, leaving these systems unprotected can result in a critical blow that seriously damages most industrial processes.

Therefore, we are committed to providing a cybersecurity approach to industrial control systems.

How do we achieve this? By helping you maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your systems (with a series of services that we will present to you later), avoiding potential harm or disruptions to your systems.

Industrial Cybersecurity

As we have already mentioned, cybersecurity for industrial control systems is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we will present the services we can offer you to fulfill that task.

Implementation of an ICSM

The first one is the implementation of an ICSM (Industrial Cybersecurity Management System). With our system, you will be able to establish a strategy capable of addressing all the risks that your industrial control system may face, as well as imminent threats.

These strategies include all kinds of assessment processes that ensure the effectiveness of the implemented measures, such as penetration testing, security audits, and many others.

By relying on us to improve your industrial cybersecurity, you will be able to adapt to any emerging threat.

System Diagnosis and Vulnerability Analysis

If you trust the services we offer at Ewala, you will benefit from a cybersecurity diagnosis of your industrial control system and a vulnerability analysis.

The diagnosis is a process designed to check the status of the systems and control networks used in your industrial environment. It evaluates the resources within the system, such as the software, hardware, and even the network infrastructure.

On the other hand, the analysis evaluates all the aspects that could pose a threat and identifies the weaknesses that directly affect your resources. This way, you will know which critical risks you should focus your efforts on.

Count on us to evaluate the policies and procedures implemented in your company, as we will ensure to reduce cyber risks.

Technological Implementation

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also take care of the installation and configuration of a series of cybersecurity tools tailored to your situation.

What are these tools? From firewalls to access control systems. We even have intrusion prevention systems, data encryption, and many other technologies.

We recommend that you contact us if you want more information on this matter.

An industrial cybersecurity management system is possible with the tools we propose. Furthermore, we will work closely with you to ensure that the objectives are met, adapting to your systems.

In other words, by partially delegating your cybersecurity to our professionals, you will be able to devote more time to your business while we work to maintain the security of your infrastructure.

Monitoring and Control

Finally, at Ewala, we are aware that continuous monitoring is a great tool to quickly respond to possible incidents in your cybersecurity.

With our CyberSOC (Cybersecurity Operations Center) service, all your systems and assets will be continuously protected. This is achieved through the application of systems that allow us to detect any suspicious activity in real-time.

If you are wondering how we do it, we analyze network traffic, data sources, event logs, and anything that allows us to discover and identify potential threats and cyberattacks.

In the event of a security breach alert, we will execute an identification, containment, and recovery procedure to restore the normal operation of your systems and minimize impacts.

This is how we establish the best industrial cybersecurity in your systems. Trust our experience in dealing with cyber incidents so that we can take the necessary measures against threats.

Benefits of Our Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity

Now that you know all the services we can offer regarding industrial control systems cybersecurity, let's review the benefits they provide.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Prevention of potential cyberattacks, along with the protection of your industrial control systems and networks.
  • Strengthening of the organization, resulting in improvements in the detection and response to incidents.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity of all operations through the reduction of risks that previously caused disruptions, mainly due to cyberattacks.
  • Implementation of measures that address cybersecurity risks and protect the reputation of your business.
  • Compliance with all necessary cybersecurity regulations and standards.
  • Identification of areas that require improvement, whether in network infrastructure and industrial assets or in security policies and procedures.
  • Training related to security for your employees.

In conclusion, these benefits provide a comprehensive diagnosis that safeguards the integrity of your systems and networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cybersecurity controls?

Cybersecurity controls refer to all the countermeasures designed to prevent, detect, counteract, or minimize the risks that attack the security of your computer systems and other assets.

What is considered an industrial cybersecurity management system?

An industrial cybersecurity management system is considered to be the set of procedures that allow an organization or company to efficiently manage all the cybersecurity risks associated with industrial control.